Curriculum Vitae

Present position: Associate Professor of Medicine, Dept. of Women’s and Children’s Health, University of Padova (Italy)

Education: M.D. (University of Padova) PhD (University of Leuven, Belgium), Specialist in Internal Medicine and in Gastroenterology (University of Padova)

Head of Clinical Chemistry and Microbiology, Responsible for the Research Area in Regenerative Medicine/Cell Factory, Bambino Gesù Research Hospital, Rome (2004-2014)

Qualified Person for the production of Advanced Therapy Medical Products (Italian Medicines Agency AIFA, 2007)

Expert in Advanced Therapies (clinical) at the European Medicines Agency (2011-present)


Author and co-author of 154 original articles in peer-reviewed international journals, 3 international books in English, 2 books in Italian, 16 chapters in international books, 51 original articles and book chapters in Italian. He participated in the first international clinical trial on the treatment of liver failure with a bioartificial liver device (Ann Surg. 2004; 239:660) and coordinated the first clinical hepatocyte transplantation in Europe (Lancet 2002; 359: 317). He is inventor of four patents/patent proposals in cell therapy. Awards: 10/11/2006: International Award “Giuseppe Sciacca”, section Medicine; 18/07/2011: Award “Gentlemen d’Italia” for scientific activity.

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