Positions available within the Laboratory NBTECH of Prof Elisa Cimetta at the Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica (IRP) Città della Speranza, Padua Italy

Two Master thesis student positions are available in Prof. Elisa Cimetta’s laboratory. Current research activities are focused on the study of Neuroblastoma (NB), a pediatric tumor, and aim at defining the role of hypoxia in influencing the physicochemical properties of the released exosomes.

The Master theses will focus on understanding key mechanisms of the cross-talk between NB and its microenvironment with the aim of identifying putative signals predisposing NB dissemination. In particular, the candidates will: i. carry out 3D NB cultures at different oxygen tensions; ii. isolate, purify and characterize the shedded exosomes; iii. perform protein and gene expression analysis; and iv. perform targeted secretome analysis of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) treated with NB exosomes. ​

Students will be trained in advanced molecular, biochemical and cell biology techniques, and will work in a diverse team with engineers, biologists and biotechnologists.

Informal enquiries to elisa.cimetta@unipd.it

Position available within the Laboratory of Prof Martina Pigazzi at the Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica (IRP) Città della Speranza, Padua Italy

Calls for applications for Lab manager-technician position
Pediatric Research Institute (IRP) is an excellence center in pediatric medicine and research. Its seven top research programs are focused on pediatric oncology, regenerative medicine, nanomedicine, genetic and rare diseases, immunology, predictive medicine and experimental cardiology. The Institute adopts a unique multidisciplinary approach that blends ideas from biomedicine, bioengineering, biochemistry and materials science. It also strives to promote cooperation with national and international university hospitals and research institutes, to provide high-level training in pediatric research to students and researchers, to foster innovation and technology transfer, and to facilitate dialogue with the public through conferences and educational activities. IRP’s main goal is to continue increasing the internal focus on research & innovation, leveraging on the developed know-how to stimulate the transfer of new technologies and therapies to the market.
More information about the Center is available at www.irpcds.org

Job Description
The Onco-hematology, stem cell transplant and gene therapy research unit- Director Prof. Alessandra Biffi together with the Molecular Genetic of pediatric leukemias group – PI Prof.ssa Martina Pigazzi is seeking for a Lab manager or/and Technician to advance the group vision on immunotherapy. The successful applicants will contribute to the synergy project Initiatives at IRP “Validation of NOVEL ANTIGENIC DETERMINANTS for the development of a CAR T CELL immunotherapy for pediatric ACUTE MYELOID LEUKEMIA”.
Applicants should have completed a degree in biomedical sciences or human medicine (PhD or MD) and have experience in postdoctoral research in life sciences. We are seeking candidates with outstanding scientific achievements and a strong interest in developing advanced research in the areas of cellular therapy. In addition to a relevant publication record in the fields of virology or hematology or oncology, the successful applicant has specific focus on

Main Tasks

• Lentivirus production and manipulation;
• Hematopoietic cell stimulation, transduction and expansion;
• Flow cytometry and immunofluorescence-based immunological characterization of engineered cells;

The Ideal Candidate should have
• Accuracy, flexibility, proactivity, and goal orientation;
• Teamwork approach, good communication and relational skills;
• experimentally driven work and intelligent self-organizing networks.
• Type of contract: Fixed Term Contract
• Work hours: full time
• Gross annual salary: € 24.000 – € 30.000, depending on technical background and expertise in the field
• Start date: asap
• Duration of contract: 24 months
• Workplace: Padova (Italy)
• Benefits: flexi-time, internal car park, welcome office support, public transports, grant office, free training courses and seminars
Candidates are required to submit their applications by e-mail to martina.pigazzi@unipd.it including a detailed CV.

Position available in the laboratory of Transplantation Immunology, Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences at the Istituto di Ricerca Pediatrica (IRP) Città della Speranza, Padua, Italy

We are seeking a highly motivated fellow to join our team involved in a project in collaboration with clinicians aimed at elucidating the impact of anti-ETAR antibodies on the outcome of pediatric renal transplants and help the clinical management of pediatric transplant candidates with pre-existing anti-ETAR antibodies.

The project involves Immunological investigations on biological specimens collected from pediatric patients.

Research interests include the characterization of the immune response, with a particular focus on the humoral immune response following cell, tissue and solid organ transplantation in preclinical and clinical contexts.

Applicants should possess a master degree in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology or Chemistry and Pharmaceutical technologies. Although not indispensable, prior expertise in immunoassays, tissue culture and knowledge in immunology, with particular regard to transplantation will be viewed as a plus. Predoctoral fellows are strongly encouraged to apply. Position is available immediately.

Interested candidates should send their CV, cover letter and contact details to Dr. Marta (marta.vadori@unipd.it) or to Prof. Emanuele Cozzi (emanuele.cozzi@unipd.it).