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Dr Bresolin obtained her degree in Medical Biotechnology in 2007 at University of Padua and her PhD in Medicina dello Sviluppo e Scienze della Programmazione, Indirizzo Immunologia, Ematologia-Oncologia, Genetica at the University of Padova in 2012. During her PhD she attended the laboratory of Oncohematology where she focused her research on advancement of new molecular technologies aiming at the improvement of the prognosis and diagnosis of pediatric patients with myelodyspalsia and juvenile myelo-monocytic leukemia. Since 2007, she works in the Laboratory of Pediatric Oncohematology focusing on the molecular characterization and development of an in vitro and in vivo model of myelodysplastic and myeloproliferative diseases. In 2012 she attended the laboratory directed by Prof.Weiss at Children Hospital of Philadelphia, PA, USA working on the generation and maintenance of leukemia iPS cells. She is member of the Italian AIEOP working group on JMML and MDS and member of the Europe-an Working Group of MDS and SAA (EWOG-MDS-SAA). Her scientific research is also focused on the molecular and genetic characterization of leukemia and myeloproliferative disease with “omics” technologies at both genomic and transcriptome levels by means of gene expression profiling and next generation sequencing. She is also involved in the genetic diagnosis and management of patients with hematological disease and cancer predisposition. Dr. Silvia Bresolin is part of several national and international collaborations for “omics” data generation and analysis. She is actively involved in projects on the functional characterization of circRNA in MLL rearranged leukemia and on the genetic variations predisposing to leukemia in childhood. From 2018, she is Assistant Professor at the Woman and Child’s health Department, Division of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant of the Padua University and Hospital. She is author of more than 50 publications in peer reviewed international journals.


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Gene expression profiling and next generation sequencing in JMML and B ALL

The goal of the group is to identify at the genomic and transcriptomic level the networks of acquired and inherited aberrations that drive the development and the progression of B ALL and JMML