Fondazione Città della Speranza – Onlus (CDS) offers funds to support novel and cutting-edge paediatric research within the Paediatric Research Institute Città della Speranza (IRP). Following the success of previous years, this call will offer a total of 3.3 million euros to sustain the best clinical and translational research projects that aim to prevent paediatric pathologies and accelerate diagnosis and therapeutic innovation for childhood diseases.

What we fund

IRP will manage the research funding and intend to provide support for research projects aimed to
advance the treatment of paediatric diseases.
Consistent with IRP’s mission, preference criteria include:
1. clear translational approach of research;
2. applicability in the short term to clinical practice;
3. collaboration with paediatric clinics;
4. interdisciplinarity;
IRP will consider research proposals for the 2024-2026 research grant program in the following four categories:

  1. IRP Starting Grant (IRP-StG-2024);
  2. IRP Consolidator Grant (IRP-CoG-2024);
  3. IRP Advanced Grant (IRP-AdG-2024);
  4. IRP Moving Grant (IRP-MoG-2024).

Researchers must demonstrate the cutting-edge and ground-breaking nature, strong translational perspective, ambition and feasibility of their scientific research proposal.

For more information, please consult here the full text of the call