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PI Alessandra Biffi | “Phase I/II trial of lentiviral gene transfer for SCID-X1 with low dose targeted busulfan conditioning” 

€ 440.000


PI: Lara Mussolin | “Identifying and targeting metabolic liabilities in the crosstalk between childhood B-cell lymphomas and their microenvironment” 

€ 440.000


PI: Leonardo Salviati | “Regulatory genes in coenzyme Q biosynthesis: identification of their precise roles, of the consequences of their dysfunction, and of novel therapeutic strategies for patients” 

€ 391.050


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PI: Barbara Molon | “Raising Metabolism against suppressive microenvironment: new immunometabolic targets to improve CAR T cell fitness for Childhood B Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment”

€ 330.000


PI Martina Pigazzi | “Integrative approach to decode the leukemic niche electrical communication patterns to ease advances in pediatric treatment opportunities” 

€ 326.700


PI: Michela Pozzobon | “Muscle regeneration in pediatric skeletal muscle defects: study of the mechanism of action of human extracellular vesicles in a three-dimensional extracellular matrix model”

€ 286.000


PI: Anna Urciuolo | “Studying the normal and diseased human neuromuscular system by engineered four dimensional skeletal muscle tissue”

€ 314.600


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PI: Roberta Angioni | “Targeting Angiogenesis in Pediatric Ewing Sarcoma (TAPES)”

€ 220.000


PI: Alfonso Galderisi | “NeoGluControl Study – Neonatal brain oxygenation and Glucose control: metabolomic fingerprints of hypoglycemia” 

€ 195.580


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PI: Ricardo Sanchez Rodriguez | Integrative study for the control of inflammation in JIA”

€ 100.000