More than 300 million of people around the world live with a rare disease.

It is a difficult condition, because in addition to losing health, persons with a rare disease often experience loneliness, uncertainty, the difficulty of finding adequate answers and treatments.

It is to shed light on these situations that the Rare disease day ( is became a reality.

On the occasion of the 15th edition, the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padua, the Institute of Pediatric Research Città della Speranza and the Province of Padua have decided to actively engage in promoting the HANDS4RARE project, to inform, involve, raise awareness.



Throughout the month of February, boys and girls from lower secondary schools in Padua hosted in their classes people who study rare diseases every day.

Introducing young people to the meaning of the Rare Disease Day, but also to the scientific method, is the first step in building a truly inclusive society.


The world of research together with that of patients and institutions. Even when the roles are very different, it is together that the important goals are achieved.


The challenge is to build a very long and colorful chain of hands becoming in Padua a concrete sign in support of people with rare diseases and drawing attention to the successes and difficulties of scientific research in this field.

The first who took up the challenge were school girls and boys, who drew their hands and became ambassadors of the Day in their families.

But the challenge is open and involves EVERYONE

Sunday, February 27, at Palazzo Santo Stefano in Padua, the final event will take place:

all the drawings of the hands prepared by schools, research laboratories, associations, will bind to form a very long chain, together with those of all the people who want to… give a hand!!

A whole day to learn and discuss about rare diseases, with events for people of all ages.

– At 11.00, “DIAMOCI UNA MANO!” (“LET’S HELP!”): round table during which the experiences of people living with a rare disease will be shared with those of people studying a rare disease.

– Several educational laboratories “Researchers for one hour” (9-13 years) will be available

– Throughout the day the opportunity to visit Palazzo Santo Stefano and its Museum and to observe the growth of the chain of hands live

If you want to support: add your hands to the chain!

It is very easy: all the instructions are here

You can come on Sunday 27 at Palazzo Santo Stefano bringing your drawing, or you can share it on the social media with the hashtag #HANDS4RARE