Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Lucia Gemma Delogu served the University of Sassari, Italy, as Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (2012-2017). She has worked at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (2007-2009), as visiting researcher at the Sanford-Burnham Institute of San Diego, CA, USA in 2008 and at the Department of Health and Human Services at the NIH in Bethesda, MD in 2013. Dr. Delogu has been appointed as Senior Visiting Professor under the “Program Excellence in Science” at Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany (2016, 2017). In 2011, she was selected as one of the “200 Best Young Talents of Italy” from the Italian Ministry of Youth (Rome, Italy). She has received several awards including the Marie S. Curie Individual Fellow under Horizon 2020 by the European Commission, the “Medicine, Biology e Nanotechnology Award” in 2012 from the Association of GianFranco Del Prete and the “Bedside to bench & Back Lecture Series Achievement Award” from the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA (2013). She served the European Commission as invited expert for review panels of FP7 FET Flagships. Beyond different National Grants (i.e. PRIN-MIUR, AIL.), she has been the Scientific  Coordinator of two interdisciplinary European Projects on Nanomedicine involving 10 leading Institutions in EU and extra EU Countries including China, USA and Qatar. Dr. Delogu in 2018 joined the IRP where she is currently leading the ImmuneNano-lab.

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Related Laboratories

ImmuneNano-lab research

Dr. Delogu’s laboratory focus on the translation of different nanomaterials in the Medical Scenario.