Curriculum Vitae

Since 1994 he has been teaching various courses in General and Pediatric hematology at the School of Pediatrics, at the School of Pediatrics, at the School of Laboratory Medicine and at the School of Hematology at Padua University. His research interest has always dealt with haematological neoplasms of childhood, in particular acute lymphoblastics and acute myeloid leukemias. His field of  work includes all steps of laboratory work-up for diagnosis of leukemias, particularly flow cytometry for immunophanotyping, ploidy and functional studies. He also woeked on mocular biology both in his laboratory and in collaboration with other collegues. Since 1990 he is in charge of the Biological Bank for acute leukemias of the AIEOP (Italian Association for Pediaric Hematology and Oncology) and he is responsible for centralized diagnosis of all cases entering the Italian therapeutic protocols. He is also member of many international committees on pediatric leukemias, solid tumor and hepatoblastomas biology. He is reviewer of International scientific papers as Journal of Clinical Oncology, Blood, Leukemia, Proteomics. He is author of more than 450 peer reviewer publications.  IF = 3.590,96 – H index 75

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Related Laboratories

Gene Expression (GEP) – NGS

Main projects: Leukemia studies in animal models; Development of an acute lymphoblastic leukemia model with CNS infiltration in zebrafish; ...

Onco-hematologic Unit – Solid Tumor Biology Laboratory

The laboratory has been established in 1993 by prof. Angelo Rosolen and is part of the Laboratory of Pediatric Hematology Oncology directed by Prof. Giuseppe Basso.

Experimental Pharmacology

The laboratory is interested in design and development of new potential antitumor drugs and in study of transcriptional factors involved in genesis of leukaemia.


The principal aim of our research is the identification of new disease biomarkers and new therapeutic targets for acute pediatric leukemias through phosphoproteomic profiling by Reverse Phase Protein Arrays (RPPA).

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma – Molecular Diagnostics

Our research area is dedicated mainly to the study and characterization of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NLH) of childhood. The general approach includes the analysis of molecular mechanisms of tumourigenesis with a translational approach aimed to transfer biological results from the bench to clinical trials...